The Employee Rewards Program

The goal of the Cornerstone Building Brands Employee Rewards Program is to reward employees for embracing and demonstrating our core behaviors in exemplary manners. While anyone can recommend an employee for a reward for displaying a core value, it will be up to the plant manager to decide what level of gift the action deserves.


Rewarding Behavior:

Rewarding specific behaviors that made a difference to our company is more challenging than rewarding performance, but you can overcome that obstacle by asking, "What are the behaviors I want to reward?" For example, are you rewarding employees for coming in as early as possible and staying late, or for coming up with new ideas on how to complete their work more efficiently and effectively? In other words, are you rewarding someone for innovation or for the amount of time they're sitting at a desk? There's obviously a big difference between the two.

Employees like to know whether they're doing good, bad or average, so it's important that you tell them.


Recognition versus Appreciation

There are two elements that are integral components of a winning strategy: recognition and appreciation.  Both are low-cost/high-return ingredients that need not be diminished and must be given equal attention. 

Recognition means acknowledging someone before their peers for specific accomplishments achieved, actions taken or attitudes exemplified through their behavior. Appreciation, meanwhile, centers on expressing gratitude to someone for his or her actions. Showing appreciation to your employees by acknowledging the kind of behavior you want to encourage is best done through simple expressions and statements. For example, you might send a personal note or stop by the employee's desk to convey your appreciation. Another approach is to combine recognition and appreciation in the form of a public statement of thanks in front of the employee's co-workers or team, citing specific examples of what they've done that has positively impacted the organization.


Reward Levels. Example (Behavior Displayed). Manner demonstrated

  1. Silver ($5-20). Example: (Be Safe). Have a safety conversation that prevents an incident
  2. Gold ($21-39). Example: (Continually Improve).  Come up with a way to work more efficiently and effectively. 
  3. Diamond ($40-74). Example. (Customer Focused Organization). Finding a solution to a particular problem that has been plaguing the company.
  4. Platinum ($75+). Example: Retirement gifts or Special Group Participation such as Best Practice Teams.


Ways to present rewards

  1. One-on-one
  2. Within the individual work group or team
  3. Facility Wide Meeting


Additional Acknoweldgement

  1. Monthly/Quarterly Newsletter
  2. NCI SharePoint Home Page
  3. Plantwide Announcement

* If you have an extraordinary example of an employee displaying a behavior and you want to share that experience, reward presentation, picture, etc. You must have them give us permission to use their story and/or their photograph by filling out a model release form which may be found on the NCI Manufacturing Group SharePoint site at

Tracking Employee Rewards

The Employee Rewards Form has been created as a means of tracking rewards given. For your convenience, the form has been created with dropdown menus to allow for easy entry of the facility, behavior displayed, reward given, presentation, etc.  The only information that must be manually entered is the Employee’s name, comments concerning the situation, and the actual award given.

Your segment's form can be found below:

You may attach a picture of the recipient and the signed model release to this form.  Once you hit submit, all entries are compiled onto one form that includes all rewards given throughout the plants in your business segment.